September 15, 2019 with Delhi Street Art at their 6th Birthday event, Harcourt Butler Senior Secondary School in New Delhi.

UPDATE > SPECIAL EVENT on Thursday Aug 8. Talk back with Rajeev Prakash Khare on the future of devnagri on technical mediums, a performance of a scene from a play about Fontwala that is being written by Shubhra Prakash and Q/A with refreshments.

Location : Triveni Kala Sangam, Lecture Hall.

Timing : 6 PM – 8 : 30 PM

JULY 27 – AUG 17 ( Sundays closed )
10 : 30 am – 6: 30 pm

Kaleidoscope Digital Art – KDA and curator Mukta Ahluwalia present an informative digital art show Fontwala: Stone to mobile, what remains?

It explores the journey of the Indian letterform, specifically through Devnagri letterform. The show investigates what is lost and what remains from times when legacies were written in stone and metal to now, when the letterform of the Indian languages have found a presence on various technical mediums. Indian letterforms were labeled as “complex” scripts until the arrival of Unicode that enabled their development in digital mode. Through Khare’s perspective and experience as a typeface designer and calligrapher, the exhibit reflects on the pioneers who maintained the aesthetics of the letterform, the challenges experienced in transition from one medium to another; and the possibilities that lie ahead for the letterform and a call for technical adjustments to accommodate the legacy of notable Indian scripts. As the creative producer, Shubhra Prakash, distills the vast content of typeface history and Khare’s commitment towards it.

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